St. Petersburg Cadet Corps of the Russian Ministry of Defense

St. Petersburg Cadet Corps of the Russian Ministry of Defense

"St. Petersburg Cadet Corps of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation", organized by order of the Russian Federation. Currently, the Cadet Corps trained 533 pupils, of which 89 - orphans and children left without parental care, 223 students - from military families, 94 people from families of relatives of military families, 131 people from single-parent families, 32 children from large families.

The Foundation Library Cadet Corps has forty thousand units, of which thirty thousand - is textbooks, manuals and training materials. Since the autumn of 2012 the leadership of the St. Petersburg Cadet Corps of the Defence Ministry, it was decided to implement a modern library automation system.

& laquo; Implementation of software product "1C: Library & raquo; It has yielded positive results. All bibliographic data were structured and combined in a convenient e-catalog that allows you to quickly find any publications and monitor their movement. the arrival of new books information is automatically transferred to the accounting system by integration with "1C: Accounting budgetary institutions". As a result of the work of the library staff has become much more efficient, thereby increasing the library attendance, as simplify and accelerate the book search and issue procedure »

Boeva EB
Librarian FGKOU "St. Petersburg ENGLISH Cadet Corps of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence»


  • simplify and automate the accounting books;
  • provide control movement of books
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To solve this problem was analyzed existing in the Russian market of automated library systems, and the choice was made in favor of the domestic software product "1C: Library" to "1C platform :. Enterprise 8.2 " To implement the "1C: Library" and customization of the software to the requirements of the Cadet Corps was involved in the group of companies "Omega»


company "Omega" specialists conducted a survey of automation objects, formalized requirements of the customer, install a new system, made the necessary adjustment account settings. Agency staff have been successfully trained to work in the program. At the end of December 2012 the system was put into commercial operation.


  • structuring of bibliographic data;
  • the creation of an electronic catalog;
  • system integration with the software product "1C: Accounting»
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